SolarBuddy Teams Up with SMA America at RE+ 2023: A Bright Future Ahead

SolarBuddy is excited to announce its partnership with SMA America at the upcoming RE+ 2023 event in Las Vegas, USA. This dynamic synergy aims to raise awareness of energy poverty, and how the community get through solar energy solutions.

Non-profit partner: SolarBuddy and SMA America

The clean energy landscape is getting a boost as SolarBuddy and SMA America combine forces at RE+ 2023. This event brings together industry leaders to explore sustainable energy solutions. The collaboration between SolarBuddy and SMA America underscores a shared commitment to leveraging solar power for positive change.

Solar-Powered Hope: Eradicating Energy Poverty through Partnership

Energy poverty is a pressing global issue, hindering progress and development in many communities. With the support of SMA America, who’s mission is to foster innovative solutions for a cleaner, affordable and sustainable future, we aim to educate RE+ attendees about energy poverty and how they can take part make an impact on the lives of many.

Discovering the Collaboration: SolarBuddy and SMA America at RE+ 2023

The partnership will be showcased at the SMA America booth during RE+ 2023. Attendees can learn how solar energy isn’t just about lighting; it’s about empowerment. The collaborative effort isn’t just about raising awareness; it’s about action. SolarBuddy and SMA America aim to distribute 2023 solar lights, making a tangible impact on the lives of children living in energy poverty.

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Empowering Communities Through Solar Energy

The SolarBuddy-SMA America collaboration aligns perfectly to SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals) highlighting the potential of solar energy in driving meaningful change. By providing clean, sustainable lighting solutions, we’re illuminating not only spaces but also futures. Together, we’re striving for a world where solar energy is a catalyst for positive transformations.

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Learn more about our collaboration: SMA Solar Buddy at RE+ 2023

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SolarBuddy is an impact organisation uniting a global community to illuminate the futures of all children.

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