The Power of a Letter

Changing lives with words…

As part of our STEM education and CSR light-build programs, Australian students and employees are given the special opportunity of writing a personalised letter. Each light that is sent to a child living in energy poverty comes with a letter written by someone here in Australia, and they are forever connected as ‘LetterBuddies’.  

This LetterBuddy activity engages hearts and minds and inspires people to be global citizens and long-term humanitarians. People can tell their buddies overseas about their lives and build an extra special connection.  

The children who receive these letters are transfixed by the kind words of encouragement and friendship. We often hear from our distribution partners that the letters mean even more to them than the light itself and they can treasure it forever! 

“For most of these children, this is the first communication they’ve had with people outside of their communities and the first opportunity to learn about other children from other places in the world,” SolarBuddy Business Development Manager (Education), Holly Bond said.  

“There is a special connection that is built that can be so meaningful for the sender and the children who receive the letters,” she said.  

Words have so much power, and connecting Australian people with children overseas through letters allows them to convey a message that otherwise would have never been received. The kindness gifted is something these children never forget. 

Would you like to send special letters to children living in energy poverty? Our NEW StudentBuddy program is one way to get involved with LetterBuddy, check it out here:

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SolarBuddy is an impact organisation uniting a global community to illuminate the futures of all children.

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