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LetterBuddy Program

LetterBuddy Experience

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the LetterBuddy Program includes a compelling presentation and a direct connection with a child living in extreme energy poverty.

Energy poverty is a complex challenge, impacting the health and well-being, educational outcomes, and economic stability of the communities experiencing it, as well as our environment.

Participants learn about extreme energy poverty and how it devastatingly limits the lives of approximately 1 billion people, and how with SolarBuddy they can become part of the solution.

How it works

Thousands of solar lights are gifted each month to children living in energy poverty. Lives are transformed with light, and the children are transfixed by letters of encouragement which are gifted with every light.

These letters are treasured and reread many times as they are often the most formal communication the children have ever seen.

SolarBuddy will supply you with a letter template. You supply the compassion and creativity! Stickers, felt tips, crayons, colouring pencils are welcomed as are drawings or inspirational messages. Words have power and this is a wonderful way for you to convey a message that otherwise may never be heard. When complete, please scan your letters and email them back to SolarBuddy.

They will then be packaged with a solar light and gifted to a child who will never forget your kindness.

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Key Benefits


  • Letter writing promotes mindfulness and self-reflection
  • Sustainability focussed with extremely low carbon footprint
  • Learning about energy poverty and strategic partnerships
  • Collaborative, rewarding and entertaining
  • Gaining inter-cultural and global citizenship understanding
  • Building relationships and networking
  • Giving back to the global community
LetterBuddy Program - it is a rewarding experience

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