StudentBuddy Event Program

StudentBuddy is a more complex solar system, designed to provide more than just light. Providing children living in energy poverty with light that can be ceiling hung, as a torch and has USB charging capabilities.

Working in teams of 2-3, participants assemble a StudentBuddy which will be donated to communities in developing countries.

This program is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The StudentBuddy program combines practical team building skills and real-world impact. It provides an exciting and challenging session for your team.

Now taking bookings for 2023!

Program benefits

  • Enrich your EVP with a program aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)
  • Collaboration and team building
  • Direct impact on children living in energy poverty
  • Increased staff engagement – purposeful
  • Drive real SROI

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Minimum number of StudentBuddy lights is 10
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StudentBuddy system

What's included

  • SolarBuddy facilitated session – virtual, online or hybrid
  • Delivery of unassembled StudentBuddy kits to your location of choice
  • An impactful presentation about the issues of energy poverty
  • In teams of 2-3 get hands on and build StudentBuddy solutions
  • Write letters of encouragement to children living in energy poverty
  • Collection of assembled StudentBuddies once your session is finished
  • Quality control of the lights 
  • International shipment and distribution of lights and letters to a country in extreme energy poverty
  • A monthly update on SolarBuddy’s global impact

The real impact teams will have

StudentBuddy solutions are designed to provide impact for real people living in energy poverty. In areas of extreme energy poverty, communities are currently using either generators (that use fossil fuels) at their schools or health clinic or walking a long distance to a supermarket and paying to charge. It’s often the woman and girls who are expected to spend time away from family, friends and importantly education and to risk their safety to charge the families devices.

The StudentBuddy solar devices come with 3 light settings, a chargable solar panel, USB device charging for 2 devices and was made with sustainability in mind. All parts are replaceable, and aluminium components are 100% recyclable.

CSR Team Building
StudentBuddy Kit

These devices will:

Health: Replace the use of fuel-based lighting and charging with a clean solar solution, and improve safety and wellbeing for children (particularly girls)

Education: Increase time in school and studying after dark instead of travelling long distances for lighting and charging.

Economic: Reduction in money spent on expensive fuel-based lighting and charging and redirected to basic needs like food, clothing and education.

Environment: Contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint of energy poverty which accounts for almost 10% of annual global emissions (Our World in Data)

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