When educating the minds of our youth,
we must not forget to educate their hearts.


STEM programs

Programs that inspire and empower school students to become global citizens through immersive STEM learning experiences. A dedication to educating and empowering future leaders skilled in sustainable technologies and versed in equity issues.

Our two exciting curriculum aligned programs JuniorBuddy and StudentBuddy are mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and come with exciting educational resources and a bonus LetterBuddy program, to write a letter to children receiving your light.

Each program has an optional upgrade to a STEM incursion experience, to add even more impact to your program.

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JuniorBuddy program fits effortlessly into class with year level specific resources combining interdisciplinary learning with practical application, and real-world impact a single solar light can have.

StudentBuddy School Program

StudentBuddy is a more complex solar system, designed to provide more than just light. Providing children living in energy poverty with light that can be ceiling hung, as a torch and has USB charging capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

We work with schools around the world



No, you can run the program whenever best suits your school’s timetable. Once you receive the lights, please assemble them and contact SolarBuddy to have them picked within 3 months of the original delivery date. 

Absolutely! There is an additional cost for this, and it depends on whether it is virtual or in person.

Simply email enquiries@solarbuddy.org to find out how we can add even more impact to your session.

When you have assembled your lights and written your letters simply request a collection here and we will arrange a courier to collect them from your location.


As soon as you have assembled your lights, please place them back in your yellow bucket and request your collection. The longer the lights are with you, the battery life decreases which means that the child receiving their gift of light will not have the opportunity to use it to its full capacity.

We have chosen the countries we work in based on need and opportunity.

We assess the communities living in energy poverty in each country we work in, and actively seek out partnerships with local agencies that specialise in educational development who can assist with distribution to schools.

Absolutely! We would love to hear from you! Please email our team on enquiries@solarbuddy.org and we will be happy to help!

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