A turnkey CSR program like you’ve never seen before

You can be one of the first to take part in the new StudentBuddy program. Combine practical team building skills and real-world impact through an exciting and challenging session for your company or school. 

Join leading high schools and companies who’ve taken part in a SolarBuddy program, to illuminate lives of children living in energy poverty.

Unlock their practical team-building skills to build a life-changing solar solution and make a real impact in the world.

Take part in building a life-changing innovative solar solution.


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Join leading companies who’ve taken part

Perfect for classroom and workplace team building

StudentBuddy is a complex solar system, designed to provide more than just light. It also provides children living in energy poverty charging capabilities to charge their families’ devices.

You can create real impact

Allow children, especially girls, to study and spend longer in school, instead of travelling long distances for charging their essential devices

Prevent children from being in potentially unsafe situations due to having to travel far from home for charging, improving their well-being.

Redirect money spent at stalls to charge devices to cater for children's educational needs and for other essential household uses like food and clothing

Target one of the most important aspects of combatting climate change, enabling worldwide equal access to education for girls.

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