Advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At SolarBuddy, we are deeply committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals, established in 2015, form the foundation of our mission to eradicate energy poverty, protect our planet, and ensure greater prosperity for all by 2030. These goals are not isolated objectives; they are profoundly interconnected.

The United Nations has declared this the Decade of Action and the SDGs serve as a compass and provide a comprehensive framework to act now on the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. They are a roadmap for creating a better, more sustainable future, where no one is left behind.

At SolarBuddy, we believe that empowerment is the catalyst for a thriving future, so we align our efforts with these goals to passionately push forward our mission and the missions of those with whom we collaborate.

Unlocking a brighter future

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
Energy poverty intricately weaves into each of the Sustainable Development Goals.




The SolarBuddy Difference

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Energy poverty is devastatingly pervasive

Energy poverty is devastatingly pervasive, its long shadow reaching far and wide. Combatting it means that SolarBuddy’s work naturally converges with a very diverse range of challenges, because energy is the fundamental enabler for achieving a wide array of economic, social, and environmental objectives. 

We like to think of the SDGs as a constellation of stars, where the progress in one brightens the others.

For example, our mission to provide solar devices (SDG 7) in underserved communities not only tackles energy poverty but also enhances education (SDG 4), health (SDG 3), gender equality (SDG 5), economic opportunity (SDG 8) climate action (SDG 13) and more. In fighting to end energy poverty SolarBuddy’s people and planet centric solutions advance targets to different degrees, within all 17 of the SDGs.

This interconnectedness is at the heart of our approach, showing how sustainability thrives in unity.

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