Yellow Bucket

Small bucket, big story

Our design philosophy is shaped by the understanding that to get the most out of our innovations, they must have multiple impact points. It is also driven by the belief that sometimes simple solutions can be the most effective. We try to ensure that all our designs do good at every point they touch, and the yellow buckets our lights are delivered in are no exception.

Like all SolarBuddy products, when designing our yellow buckets, we wanted to make sure they would have the greatest positive impact on people, whilst leaving as little trace on the earth as possible.

Globally, more than 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water and more than two billion go without basic sanitation. Roughly 818 million children don’t have handwashing facilities in their schools, increasing the difficulty of managing the spread of COVID-19.

A 2020 report conducted by UNICEF found that 1 in 3 schools worldwide had either limited or no drinking water service, and in the 60 countries at the highest risk of humanitarian crisis, 3 in 4 children lacked access to basic handwashing service at school.

Since the start of 2021, every yellow bucket that we have distributed, has been equipped with a water tap for handwashing, and water filter for consumption. The buckets and their fittings are so important in ensuring children are healthy, happy and getting the most out of life. Since receiving the buckets, children and their entire communities have been using the buckets to wash their hands at school and throughout their village, to help protect them against the spread of COVID-19.

Children have set the buckets up in their classrooms, providing them with access to clean water all day, creating a safe space for learning and growing.

Give the gift of light

Every light you donate to SolarBuddy will be packed into one of our yellow buckets which along with their light, will support children to live a life full of potential.

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