We exist to create awareness and tackle the issues surrounding energy poverty by gifting innovative, sustainable solutions to illuminate the futures of all children.

Want to understand more about energy poverty and its devastating impacts on millions worldwide?

What we do

Through our empowering educational programs, we inspire our global community to understand how innovative design solutions can help create a more sustainable world for all people and our life-supporting planet.

Inspire Children

STEM Education programs – Curriculum aligned and mapped to the UN SDGS, designed to inspire students to consider how innovative design solutions can transform lives.

Engage Teams

Corporate CSR programs – Engage and empower your people, customers, and stakeholders through a partnership with purpose.

Illuminate Futures

Donate towards a solar solution – Help lift a child out of energy poverty today by donating towards a device that can change their life forever.

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Angel's Story

Meet Angel. Angel is 10 years old living in extreme energy poverty with her family in a small village in Tanzania.

On a previous trip to distribute lights, we spent some time with the beautiful children from one of their local schools. It was so moving to see the genuine excitement on the children’s faces to receive their individual light.

This one solar light gives Angel the choice to do her homework after dark, which she didn’t have before because her Mum would use the only light they had to cook dinner in the evening. We know that one solar light allows students to study 78% longer using safe and reliable lighting, which in turn improves their educational outcomes.

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