We will never stop creating new ways to fight energy poverty.

We see a brighter future for all children, and by learning, creating, and working together we light the way there.

About Us

SolarBuddy is an impact organisation uniting a global community to illuminate the futures of all children.

We strive to provide opportunities for all children and believe that for future generations to thrive, we must create a world where no-one is left behind.

One of the biggest obstacles we face is extreme energy poverty; one of the worst forms of poverty that hardly anyone knows about. It is a complex challenge, impacting the health and wellbeing, educational outcomes, and economic stability of the communities experiencing it as well as our environment.

Our Goals

Illuminating the futures of all children is as hard as it sounds. But we are motivated by big challenges, and the impact we can make by working towards achieving our two goals:


Gift solar devices
to millions of children living in extreme energy poverty


Educate and inspire millions of people
to be agents of change to end extreme energy poverty and its unjust cycle of effects, by 2030.

Our work

The impact we can make by focusing on our three core principles. 

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation shapes our solutions. We design with people as our focus, ensuring that everything we create is simple, socially impactful, environmentally sustainable and makes a difference for a decade not a day.  Our physical products provide a tangible solution to the problem of extreme energy poverty.


Education is core to the solution. It helps to build local awareness and understanding of extreme energy poverty, creates better global citizens, and is the most important factor in creating equitable opportunities for a child. Through our immersive STEM school programs and informative corporate event programs, we’ve built engaging ways to educate Australians about the impacts of energy poverty.

Connected Communities

Connected communities are joined at the heart and united by need. When we share ownership of the problem, we lighten the load. The more hearts who join us, through donations, support and advocacy, the more positive outcomes we can create.

Our Story

In 2011, inventor and social impact entrepreneur Simon Doble read an article in Time magazine that opened his eyes to the harsh reality of the billions of people who live without safe and reliable lighting. A humanitarian at heart Simon felt inspired to use his skills to create a solution that would improve their lives.

The result was a renewable energy-powered light that became a solution in refugee camps across the world.

But through finding one solution, he soon realised the enormity of energy poverty, and set about raising global awareness and designing solar light solutions for the most at risk communities. And in May 2016, SolarBuddy was launched.

In 2018, SolarBuddy launches its first conference and events program in Oman, at a major global gathering.

Since then our popular light build programs have been rolled out as team building events but also schools across Australia and also the United States, with the launch of SolarBuddy USA in 2021.

Simon has also gone on to invent a solar device (StudentBuddy) that not only provides light for children to read when the sun goes down, but to also charge their devices and provide enough light for a whole family to enjoy. The StudentBuddy device is also build with additional exciting features that are also coming soon. Corporate and School education programs for StudentBuddy launched in 2022.

Since our formation in 2016,
SolarBuddy has gifted lights all around the world

About Us - SolarBuddy Distributions around the world

Today, SolarBuddy runs multiple immersive STEM education programs and corporate events across the world, designed to education people on the devastating impacts of energy poverty. Simon continues to innovate, and currently has some exciting new products in the pipeline, all designed to lift families out of energy poverty.  

The gift of a solar device helps lift children out of poverty, through the sustainable, cyclical, and long-lasting impact that affects not just one child, but their families, communities and generations to come. 

Awards & Accreditations

Global Executive Team

Simon Doble - SolarBuddy Global CEO

Simon Doble
Founder & Chair

Simon is an inventor and social impact entrepreneur who specialises in creating innovative solar solutions for people living in energy poverty. A humanitarian at heart he is determined to create socially aware businesses that will have a lasting positive impact on both people and the planet.

Greg Maloney
Chief Operating Officer

Greg has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry managing operations in Europe, Asia and Australia. Accompanying Greg’s wealth of experience is a desire to work with an organization that values purpose over profit.

Joanna Cantwell - SolarBuddy

Joanna Cantwell
Chief Development Officer

Jo is passionate about unlocking potential and believes providing opportunity is the ultimate gift. With a focus on creating pathways, Joanna thrives on empowering us each to fulfil our part in securing a kinder, more compassionate and sustainable world.


Gabriella Wright


“Joy is the measure of success”

Barbara Dietrich

Diplomatic World

“In our time it is so important to raise awareness of the problems of energy poverty, we must not look away – it is our task to help children worldwide and to create access to this innovative and sustainable solution. SolarBuddy is our gift to our children’s future and gives them hope, love and light.”

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