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Whether your organisation is large or small, align your brand with purpose, bring your values to life and provide compelling engagement  for your staff, customers and shareholders by partnering with SolarBuddy.

We have created multiple purpose-driven opportunities to work together, to create a lasting charity partnership with tangible impact.

After taking part in one of our corporate programs, you will be inspired, engaged, and informed.

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What a partnership with SolarBuddy looks like

Our focus is on creating long term sustainable impact for both your employees and the children overseas and Australia your company is supporting.

Align values and connection to purpose

88% of millennials say their job’s more fulfilling when provided opportunity to make positive impact*

Increase shareholder value

Meaningful CSR helps avoid revenue losses of up to 7% and reduces employee turnover by 50%**

Increase employee retention

70% of employees cite increased pride and loyalty to a company that helps them contribute

Lead the way to impacting over 300 million lives

In 10 years, over 60 million people will engage in ending energy poverty

Ways to unlock your company’s purpose


Our UNSDG aligned event program is the perfect option for values-driven organisations, looking to include a CSR program that drives ROI.

Facilitation options available (virtual, in-person or hybrid), staff will receive a powerful educational presentation, assemble a solar light and connect with a child living in energy poverty with a letter writing activity.

Employee Giving

Foster a culture of giving and increase staff engagement, retention, and social impact through our Employee Giving program. Employee Giving is a cost-effective way to be part of the energy poverty solution whilst building a strong charitable partnership.

Illuminate Australian Communities

Support our Illuminating Communities Initiative, designed to bring clean, safe, reliable lighting, and immersive STEM education opportunities to the 500,000 Australians living in off grid locations.
Volunteering at SolarBuddy


Connect on a deeper tangible level through our corporate volunteer programs. Ad hoc and ongoing opportunities available for your staff to get hands on with our products.

Creating real Impact - SROI

Partnering with SolarBuddy means access to our NGO partner impact data highlighting sustainability measurements and social impact to the market.

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) on our programs start from 13:1 meaning for every dollar invested $13 worth of social impact would be created.

e.g. $100k investment = $1.3m worth of social impact created

Case Study: Origin Energy Foundation

Origin Foundation have partnered with SolarBuddy for over 3 years. Along with committing to an increasing number of lights each year, the foundation also supports with grants for project development, research and development, volunteering, education program funding, pro bono support and more. 80% of volunteers said that their volunteering experience with SolarBuddy exceeded their expectations, and 85% said that it increased their pride in working at Origin.

Read more about Origin’s great work.


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